About This Class & Joe Grasso

I’m Joe Grasso and I appreciate your interest in “Survive The Danger”.  This is an entry level course focused on enhancing your safety during potentially violent encounters with criminals. I do this by teaching alertness, situational awareness, and readiness to respond in the face of danger at a moment’s notice.  I will also show you some easy to perform self-defense techniques that are extremely effective and can save your life out in the street.

I designed this seminar specifically for those individuals who prefer not to take ongoing martial arts or combative classes BUT recognize the current danger violent crime poses to them.  Whether you know Self-defense or not, my seminar can HELP protect both yourself and your loved ones with key pieces of information to know PRIOR to becoming a victim of crime.  This gives you time to preplan your actions.


I personally grew up with a violent home life where I had to learn to protect myself or suffer major injury.  Growing up I pursued strength training, fitness, and later combative training as a means of protection.  Forced to be on my own at a very young age, there were many times where I was attacked by multiple attackers and had to defend myself.  I had great self-defense skill and was very good at neutralizing my attackers using my hands, feet, and a street fighting strategy.  I also developed a good “Self Defense I.Q.” for handling these violent encounters and I want to share them with you before you become a victim.

I became a police officer because I wanted to protect the many people that could not protect themselves from violent criminals and bullies.  Once becoming an officer, I focused my attention on the most violent offenders.  Most of these people grew up in violent homes similar to myself.   The difference is many had an evil streak where they would prey on defenseless people.  Often these criminals went on to prison and became associated with criminal gangs.  Some of these criminals are a great danger to society and they are roaming among the public today looking for new “victims”.

As a patrol officer, training officer, and detective I used my self-defense skills not only to save the life of others, but I was forced to save my own life on occasion.  I also learned there truly is an important “mental” or “psychological aspect” to engaging violent criminals which can be just as important as fighting skills and strategy. All this information combined is crucial to know BEFORE you or your loved ones become a victim of crime.  This combined knowledge can truly help you “Survive The Danger”