Corporate Events

“Survive The Danger” is an ideal course to assist with your employees’ safety.  It is appropriate for both men and women of all ages.  With violent crime becoming such a threat to all of us, your company may want our course provided right on your work campus.  Giving employees a basic course on “Crime Awareness” where we also teach situational awareness, staying alert, and having a readiness to respond to a violent encounter is key to your employee’s safety and well-being. 

Having a course taught by true experts in the field that have successfully dealt with violent crime first-hand is hard to come by. This is not the typical “martial arts” or “jiu-jitsu” class.  We will demonstrate some very basic techniques to keep you safe and make you proficient with them, but this class is so much more.  Our 32 page “Survive The Danger” booklet has a variety of topics to assist in keeping you safe. 

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Corporate Events

If interested in our class, we need to know how many people would be attending the class, how many classes your company would like (for the larger companies) and the dates and times requested.

The course cost will depend on the above factors.  Leave a message for Joe Grasso at Joe@SurviveTheDanger.Com or (888) 855-0458 and he will get back to you as soon as he can.